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Established in 1998, TCM Biotech International Corp. is a leading biotech company in Taiwan specializing in innovative research and development of botanic drugs, health food and functional ingredients. Its tremendous effort devoted since day one has earned it a lot of recognitions and awards. TCM Biotech is the second company ratified by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs to be a "Biotechnology New Drug Company" for its remarkable R&D capability and achievements. Nowadays, TCM Biotech has expanded its territory to include distribution of western medicines and organic food.

TCM Biotech has been steadily building up its R&D and manufacturing facilities. Its research lab was established in February 2004 and received ISO-9001 certification months later in the same year. In 2008 TCM Biotech upgrades its pilot plant to be a state-of-the-art modern fermentation plant incorporating a high-caliber medicinal fungi research center.

The fermentation technique and application development of Cordyceps sinensis mycelia may be able to manifest TCM Biotech's research capability most. TCM Biotech is the first company with capability to ferment both Hirsutella sinensis and Paecilomyces hepiali (CS4) in Taiwan. Its cutting-edge proprietary technique can produce the top quality mycelia in the world.

The functions of these Cordyceps sinensis mycelia are fully explored by TCM Biotech's research team. So far we have developed various excellent products such as awards-winning TCM-700C, an adjuvant agent for Hepatitis C treatment with patents granted by Taiwan and China, and PHC Capsule, a liver-protecting Health Food ratified by Taiwan's Department of Health. In addition, we devote ourselves to developing more high-quality innovative interesting effective products to benefit mankind.

With a rock solid R&D foundation, TCM Biotech's sales and marketing team keep making progress in exploring international markets. Its fine ingredients and products are sold way beyond Taiwan's boundary to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, USA, and other countries.
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