About Us

To ensure the virtuous circle of business. Our new pharmaceutical research and delvlopment expenses are supported by our own pharmaceutical sales profit. To expose our research results through a compelety medical channel reach market.


TCM Biotech International Corp. was established in 1998. It is the second biotech and new pharmaceuticals company which is reviewed, and approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. As a new drug developing company with a research and development department and sales channels, Tcmbio makes a profit, has stable growth of revenue, and registered in the Emerging Market on Taipei Exchange in 2012. Our headquarter locates in Xizhi District, New Taipei City (Farglory U-Town, B Building, 24th Floor), and consists of an ISO 9001 certified research and development center, a GDP certified and approved drug warehouse. A medicinal fungi fermentation plant was built in Tainan Sinying Industrial Park.

Build up an integrated marketing team and channels make company growth stable

Sale and reprenst of pharmaceutical, medical euqipment, hyaluronic acid product, wound dressing product, functional dietary supplements, and Philips Taiwan respironics product both are the major revenue resouce of Tcmbio. Also Tcmbio is one of the few new drug developing companies in Taiwan which can vertically integrate core capabilities of drug research and development, clinical trials, manufacture, pharmaceuticals, medical materials sales, etc. Meanwhile, Tcmbio established integrated medical channels between Taiwan and China market to corporate with our partners. We are actively proceeding with the registration of several characteristic generic drugs to expand Tcmbio's business blueprint.

Focus on innovative research and development of liver disease -- create explosive growth for the company's future

Tcmbio focuses on the new drug development and production, and actively gets involved with the prevention, detection, and treatment of full-ranged liver diseases, including CatCHimera liver cancer detection platform, PTX-9908 liver cancer targeted therapy development, and liver cancer immunology therapy. To complete the patent portfolio for the new drug development in the liver disease field, we have obtained several invention patents for therapeutic new drugs for hepatitis B, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, liver fibrosis, etc., and the patent of liver cancer detection techniques. We will continue to significantly elevate the value of our new drug development with solid research results, and accumulate new drug research energy of the industry in Taiwan, exhibiting the internationally competitive strength of our new drug. Tcmbio will be constructed as a biotech company that does research, manufactures, and sells preventive and therapeutic new drugs for liver disease globally. Aiming at creating maximum revenue and profit, Tcmbio will make good use of our advantages on marketing channels to display the product features, and enhance our competitive strength.



  • CatCHimera liver cancer post-operative cancer-detecting probe set obtained invention patent in the US.


  • U101, a new drug for new indications of recurrent urinary tract infection, obtained an invention patent in the US.


  • U101, a new drug for new indications of recurrent urinary tract infection, has been approved by TFDA to conduct a phase III clinical trial


  • PTX-9908, a new polypeptide target drug for liver cancer, has been granted US FDA Orphan Drug Designation.
  • PTX-9908 passed Taiwan TFDA Investigational New Drug (IND) of phase I/II clinical trial in human
  • PTX-9908, a peptide new drug for liver cancer, passed U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Investigational New Drug (IND) of phase I/II clinical trial in human
  • Tcmbio hepatitis B induced liver cancer postoperative detecting technique was reported at American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting in 2019.


  • GDP conformity assessment has passed the review of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of China
  • Preventive and therapeutic pharmaceutical composition for liver fibrosis, or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease obtained invention patents in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


  • Preventive and therapeutic pharmaceutical composition for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease obtained invention patent in Republic of China.
  • Tcmbio obtained Philips Taiwan granted exclusive marketing and dealership for Philips hospital respiratory ventilators and their accessory parts.


  • Tcmbio signed the technology licensing agreement of "viral recombinant nucleus acid fraction/sequence as a biological marker for clinical diagnosis of tumor/cancer (or virus induced diseases)" with Prof. Chen Pei-Jer and National Taiwan University.


  • Tcmbio signed the significant exclusive marketing and dealership agreement for the osteoporosis drug, ACLASTA, with Novartis Taiwan.


  • The subsidiary company, TCM biomedical technology Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Industrial Park), was established.


  • Tcmbio became listed company in emerging stock market in Taipei Exchange.
  • The medicinal fungi fermentation plant in Tainan Sinying Industrial Park was GMP certified.


  • TCM-777 Capsule product was awarded with National Biotechnology and Medicine Care Quality Award 2009.


  • Tcmbio became the second "biotech and new pharmaceuticals company" through review and approval of Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC.
  • TCM-777 Capsule product obtained Health Food Permit from Department of Health, Executive Yuan.
  • "TCM-700C, health food TCM-777 Capsule product was awarded "Product Innovation Award" among industry innovation achievements listed by Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC in 2008


  • TCM-700C was approved for phase II clinical trial in human by Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Republic of China.
  • TCM-777 Capsule product was awarded Symbol of National Quality


  • TCM-700C was approved for phase II clinical trial in human by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • TCM-700C obtained the invention patent in Taiwan and China.


  • TCM Biotech International Corp. was established.

Meet the Chairman

Our mission is "being a corporation of
beneficence to fulfill social responsibility"

To fulfill the responsibility to patients, TcmBio
focuses on the unsatisfied clinical demands for
medical care; to fulfill the responsibility to our
shareholders and employee, we construct a
biotechcompany with research and development
and marketing channels, which is rare in the industry. We invest in new drug development with sound revenue, and enhance the company's value with our research achievements, creating multi-wins among shareholders, employees, and consumers.

To maintain the sustainable operation of the company, TcmBio values the research team. We have several competent doctors attending their own duties, and established a technology consulting team whose members are specialists and scholars in each field to ensure our research is practical and is in the leading position in the industry. The marketing and sales channels are also indispensable for biotech companies. The corporate value decreases if its product has no marketing and sales channels. Tcmbio owns our marketing and sales channels and experience for nearly 20 years, which can turn the newly developed products into the highest product value immediately.

We promise to bring greater well-being to vast-numbered liver disease patients by practicing our mission of being a corporation of beneficence to fulfill social responsibility.


A corporation with both new drug development capability and pharmaceutical sales channels

Tcmbio is a new drug developing company with integrated medical channels, and owns a sales team with 20 years sales experience and 100% coverage of health examination channels in Taiwan. Our strategy is to support the medical research and development with pharmaceutical sales revenue, and the research achievements will be exposed to the market through a sound medical channel, creating a virtuous cycle.