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a new drug for recurrent urinary tract infection

U101 is a new drug developed by our company specifically for recurrent urinary tract infection (rUTI) by repairing the lower urinary tract wall effectively through oral administration.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common bacterial infections. Almost half of women (40-50%) will experience a UTI during their lifetime with 20-50% recurrent. According to the AUA/CUA/SUFU Guidelines, the current clinical standard therapies for the recurrent UTI are antibiotic therapy (strong recommendation; evidence level: Grade A), prophylactic antibiotic therapy (moderate recommendation; evidence level: Grade B), and cranberry prophylaxis (conditional recommendation; evidence level: Grade C), excluding the common intravesical hyaluronic acid application. Therefore, antibiotic is almost the sole choice clinically. However, antibiotic has a risk of drug resistance. The latest finding from Newcastle, England shows that the E. coli strain from patients was easily becoming resistance to antibiotics following antibiotic treatment, and returning to its original strain without antibiotic exposure. Bladder instillation therapy with hyaluronic acid requires catheterization, which is invasive and inconvenient.

U101 is advantageous as a non-antibiotic treatment. Through oral administration, it repairs damaged urinary tract epithelium tissue effectively, forming a natural barrier to block pathogenic organisms from attaching to the urinary tract epithelium cells, to effectively prevent repetitive urinary tract infections. After being approved, U101 is expected to be a promising drug for preventing rUTI in the global market with potential for replacing low-dose antibiotics and bladder instillation therapy with hyaluronic acid.