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Best Solution for Liver Disease

LivPhcD™ is the mycelium of Cordyceps Sinensis produced by liquid fermentation. Over the past 25 years, TCM Biotech has been dedicated to liver health-related research and the development of cultured Cordyceps mycelia for human health.

The increasing rates of obesity and metabolic syndrome nowadays may lead to high prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The pooled prevalence of NAFLD globally is 25.24% across the world. With consumers' interest in dietary supplements that enhance healthy liver, LivPhcD™ is the ideal choice for liver health products.

LivPhcD™ is scientifically proven that can help:

Liver Health

1. Lower GOT&GPT level
2. Reverse liver fibrosis
3. Reverse alcoholic fatty liver disease
4. Reverse nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
5. Improve liver function

Immune System

The “New Dietary Ingredient” approved by US FDA

US FDA confirmed that LivPhcD™ is a natural botanical product with decent quality and safety that can be used in dietary supplements. In addition, FDA agreed that LivPhcD™ can promote general health, boost energy, modulate physical functions, and benefit those who are recovering from illness or suffering from chronic diseases.


LivPhcD™ is

■ US certified “New Dietary Ingredient”
■ Non GMO
■ Gluten Free
■ Halal certified

Here's Why You Should Choose LivPhcD™

■ Over 25 years of proven safety.
■ Free of stimulants, with no side effects
■ Supported by patents showing how LivPhcD™ prevents and treats liver fibrosis or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Applications for LivPhcD™ include: