Executive Team

The team optimizes the company's strategy with extensive professional experience in pharmaceutical sales, new drug development and multi-alliance cooperative partners, makes stable growth of the company, and brings higher value to the patients and medical health care system.

Huan-Ching Hsu

Chairman Hsu began his career in
pharmaceutical sales, and with decades of
practical experience in pharmaceutical sales
channels, he became an entrepreneur from a
manager. He is adept at pharmaceutical
management, marketing and bringing new products to the market. He successfully imported the first hyaluronic acid intra-articular injection to Taiwan in 1998 with his unique market sensitivity, subverting the present treatment model for degenerative arthritis at that time. He is the current chairman of TCM Biotech International Corp., advisor of Executive Yuan, Republic of China, and the president of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, R.O.C.. He also devotes his effort to supporting innovative companies in each field in Taiwan.

Hold decades of
practical experience in
sales channels

President of
National Innovation and
Association, R.O.C.

Ya-Chun Wang

He returned to Taiwan and was dedicated to the biotech industry in Taiwan right after obtaining his PhD in the U.S. So far he has accumulated 20 years of industrial experience including the planning of pre-clinical trials, planning for new drug development, and clinical trials. Moreover, he also participated in technology licensing, patent applications and listed company applications. Besides his busy business schedule, he actively attends the EMBA course at National Taiwan University for self-development, and holds the position of a lecturer and review committee member of the MOST innovative and entrepreneurial program, and germination program, coaching several innovative companies to improve the industry in Taiwan.

20 years of industrial experience

Ph.D. degree in the U.S.

Review committee of MOST innovative and entrepreneurial program

Sam Chen

Vise President of Pharmaceutical Department

Jen-yau Chen

Manager of Research and Development Department

Suya Yang

Manager of Accounting Department

Daphne Chang

Manager of pharmaceutical product marketing

Joyce Du

Manager of Administration Department

A group of experts from each field ensures our research technology is in the correct direction and assists to transform the research result for commercialization from professional aspects of different fields.

Pei-Jer Chen

Expertise /
Opinion leader in liver disease field in Taiwan cooperates with us to develop the liver cancer detection platform
Education /
Ph.D., Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
M.D., Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

Xiao-Chang Dai

Expertise /
Scientific research and advice for strategy in Chinese market
Education /
Ph.D., The Scripps Research Institute, USA
Post-doctoral research, California Institute of Technology, USA

Lai Wei

Expertise /
SThe regulation coherence and formation in the greater Chinese region for liver cancer detection platform
Education /
Doctor in liver disease, Peking University Health Science Center
Post-doctoral research, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Zheng Chen

Expertise /
USFDA project, industry professional guidance
Education /
Ph.D., University of Rochester, USA

Sun-Yran Chang

Expertise /
several years of research and treatment in the urology field provides executive advice and instructions for the clinical doctors of the research
Education /
Master, Health Administration, Tulane University, USA
Major in Urology, University of Chicago, USA
M.D., School of Medicine, National Defense Medical Center