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We have the Employees' Welfare Committee for renewing employees' welfare list spontaneously:

  • Bonus Benefit
    Year-end Bonus, Performance Bonus, and Special Contribution Bonus
  • Holiday Benefit
    Holiday Bonus, Birthday Bonus, and Wedding and Funeral Arrangements Subsidy
  • Leave Benefit
    Two days off per week, paternity leave for male employees, Health check-up leave, no make-up workday for long weekends
  • Insurance Benefit
    Labor and Health Insurance, Employee Group Insurance, Labor Pension Contribution, Annual Health Examination
  • Transportation Benefit
    Parking Fee Subsidy (Department-limited)
  • Entertainment Benefit
    Corporate Retreat, Birthday Celebration, Department Dinner
  • Training Benefit
    Employees' on-job training, and Management Trainee Talent Training Program
  • Supplementary Benefit
    Employee Discount, Maternity Pension, Daycare Subsidy
  • Employees' Welfare Committee
    Various Leisure Travel, Family Day, Employee Health Examination, Year-end Party Bonus, and Department Dinner Allowance

Business Philosophy Vision

Combining wisdom and philosophy of honest operation, Tcmbio develops innovative, unique and differentiated techniques and products to maintain worldwide human health, and to provide the best care and service.

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