TCMBIO Related Stakeholders

include stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers, community, and government agencies. The major communication channels are as below:

  • Stakeholder
    Main Issues Communication Channels
  • Stakeholders
    1.Financial Information 1.Spokesperson System
  • 2.Operation Status 2.Dedicated Unit for Investors
  • 3.Important Information 3.Stakeholders' Meeting
  • 4.Dividend Policy 4."Investor Service" in Website
  • 5.Market Observation System
  • Employee
    1.Talent Cultivation 1.Education and Training
  • 2.Compensation Benefit 2.Management and Labor Council
  • 3.Labor Relations 3.Labor Safety and Health Committee
  • 4.Occupational Safety and Health 4.Employees' Welfare Committee
  • 5.Health management and care 5.Supervisory for Labor Pensions
  • 6.Internal Communication Platform
  • 7.Annual Health Examination
  • 8.Improvement Proposal
  • Customer
    1.Product Information 1.Customer Meeting
  • 2.Technique Research 2.Exhibition Participation
  • 3.Customer Service 3.Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • 4.Customer Visit
  • Supplier
    1.Supplier Management 1.Supplier Annual Assessment
  • 2.Quality and Safety Management 2.Quality Inspection(C.O.A)
  • 3.Ethics, Honesty and Integrity 3.Panalties for illegal of suppliers
  • Cummunity
    1.Social Participation 1.Community Activity Participation
  • 2.Environment Protection 2.Dedicated Corresponding Person
  • Government
    1.Regulatory Compliance 1.Official Coorespondance
  • 2.Environment Protection 2.Online Declaration System
  • 3.Labor Rights 3.Selective Examination, and Visit
  • 4.Dedicated Corresponding Person
  • 5.Seminars orgranized
Gievance Channel